MARNEX supports the construction industry and puts the next-generation MS polymer-based adhesive and sealer at your disposal. Thanks to its plastic formulation, you can enjoy durable adhesion for your dredging and offshore, marine- and construction industry, steel sheet piling, and related renovation projects.

Our Aquaconstruct glue is:

  • Adequate to dry and aquatic conditions 
  • Paintable 
  • Suitable for the maritime construction industry
  • Long-lasting coating adhesion
  • Does not harden or crack
  • No-corrosive


Our adhesive is usable above and underwater and fits various surfaces, notably the interior and exterior of wood, metal, glass, natural stone, and plastics, e.g., wall panels and cladding, mirrors, (teak) ship decks, and metal joints. 

Paintable with water based paint but also with alkyd resin paints. Fast curing and can be applied on most surfaces without using a primer.

This adhesive is free of isocyanides, solvents, and silicones.

Instructions for use:

For optimal results, please ensure the surface is clean and dust-free before use.



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