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MARNEX is an innovative and dynamic maritime consultancy and brokerage firm, providing a one-stop shop for all your maritime-related needs. With MARNEX, you can enjoy making exceptional first-class deals with renowned partners worldwide.

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I had the honor of being his teammate for several years, working on many work-related tasks and projects. Ronald’s ability to handle complex problems has always steered the team towards the right direction and helped achieving outstanding results. On the other hand, his unparalleled composure in stress situations boosted the team’s confidence and contributed to the great chemistry we managed to sustain throughout the period we worked together.

Very dedicated maritime professional.
Ronald is always connecting people from his network to each other.
Lots of energy to reach the goals which were set.
On and off duty its a great person to work with.

I have worked with Ronald on various dredging offshore and installation projects, where his expertise in maritime and logistics matters was of great benefit. Besides this, his team spirit and perseverance made it a pleasure to work with him.