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Provide a safe harbor for sustainable maritime services to our global clients


Be your maritime service provider of choice

One-stop-shop for all your maritime-related needs 

We are MARNEX (Maritime Nexus), an innovative and dynamic business consultancy specializing in Maritime Consultancy and Brokerage. MARNEX provides a one-stop-shop and safe harbor for sustainable maritime services.

Enhancing your business potential

From our office in Gorinchem, we work tirelessly to manage our client’s needs and give them the possibility to focus on their core activities by mirroring their maritime operations. We are committed to providing comprehensive answers to our client’s requirements regardless of wherever they are on a 24/7 basis.

Connecting projects, Equipment, and People

In addition to being a partner of choice for operators aiming at optimizing their maritime operations, we act as a Nexus that connects you with your maritime projects, equipment & people such as managers, maritime agents, and equipment owners… all over the world. 

We are connected to a broad and qualified professional network of trustable and well-knowledgeable partners within the industry, ready to join your project with your needs.

“Ready to connect your project with equipment and people.”

– Ronald Hania

About Ronald Hania

Ronald Hania is the founder of MARNEX; for more than 15 years, he has been the partner of choice for numerous maritime service providers.

Since his childhood, Ronald Hania has shown a deep interest in maritime subjects. His dream started to take shape when he attended Scheepvaart & Transport College Rotterdam to graduate with an Intermediate Vocational Qualification in Transport and Logistics (2006).

In 2006, he started his career at a major dutch dredging and offshore company as Superintendent responsible for operations in which he led successful dredging & offshore installation projects worldwide

In 2014, Hania left the major for a new challenge as an operations manager at a maritime service provider. First, he operated from the headquarters in the Netherlands. Then, in 2017, he moved with his family to Curaçao to occupy the position of commercial manager in the branch office in Curaçao before being promoted in 2020 to the director role.

In addition to his duties at this firm, Hania also fulfilled a commercial role for the leading specialized reefer operator. He was responsible for the company’s business development in the Caribbean. He was also the Director of a bunker trading company within their HQ in Curaçao. 

With extensive experience living and working in Curaçao, Hania co-founded CMAR (Curaçao Maritime Association). Hania is known for his perseverance and commitment to local community development by promoting the island’s potential in the region.  

After accumulating solid background in maritime services (chartering, towage, S&P, dredging, offshore…), Hania decided to start his own business – MARNEX – for the benefit of operators aiming to optimize their maritime operations. MARNEX provides a one-stop-shop for maritime consultancy and Brokerage.